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Workarea Commerce Platform is the world's first truly open source, omnichannel commerce platform. The enterprise-grade commerce platform is written in Ruby on Rails and uses MongoDB, Elasticsearch, and Redis.

Workarea APIs

The Workarea APIs allow you build applications and services that can make use of your data and our functionality. Of course, you’ll have programmatic access to all data stored within Workarea, but all storefront functionality is available through our robust API. Our customers are deploying headless commerce applications and creating new experiences with the most complete API on the market.

Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for building web applications. Some of the biggest sites, like Twitter, Github, and Airbnb leverage Rails. Optimized for developer happiness, it’s fast - for both customers and developers.

MongoDB accelerates innovation with a data storage model that easily accommodates changes in your commerce experiences. Workarea developers can quickly handle any curveballs in a retailer’s data without sacrificing any efficiency.

Elasticsearch is the backbone of Workarea, powering so much more than the textual search experience for shoppers. This high-performance search engine drives merchandising, categories, and content, as well as the most delightful admin experience you will ever use.

Redis is a lightning fast in-memory data store. Workarea uses Redis to store its cache, asynchronous jobs, and recommendations data. This enables Workarea to deliver some of the fastest sites on the Internet.

The World's First Enterprise Omnichannel Commerce Platform

Workarea Commerce Platform is the first open source commerce platform that: is proven to scale to massive volumes, serves as a true omnichannel system (serving brick and mortar and ecommerce sales), combines a unified content management, search and insights platform, and is built for the modern cloud.

Install a Workarea Commerce Platform demo locally 

Get up and running the core Workarea Commerce Platform demo quickly with a one line command and Docker.

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